Chris Luchowiec Works

    Sandwich toaster

      by Chris  •  Industrial Design

    This sandwich toaster is designed for people who seek high quality and durable home appliances. Thanks to power button there is no need for pluging cable to the socket every time we want to use this device,
    and built-in a timer makes it much easier to use. While using you do not have to check the state of the thing we toast – you only have to set amount time you want (shown by shining diods), after which the sandwich toaster turns itself off and sygnalizes that with a sound.


    Straight handle and special hinge facilitates compressing thicker sandwiches and steel latch will never break. Heating plates are interchangable so the device is much more functional and it’s easier to keep it clean.


    Storing it is also easy – you may coil the cable around legs and upend it. Due to  remarkably small thicknesss it won’t take much space.